Ongoing activities in Pakistan since year 2012

  • Clean Drinking Water Project (Close to 900 Clean drinking water projects completed and close to half a million people were provided access to clean drinking water by installing small hand pumps, large community hand pumps, solar water pumps, solar and electric pumps for deep existing water wells, and water schemes in hilly areas of Abbottabad and Azad Kashmir.
  • Roshan Thar (Several hundred families provided a set of solar panels, battery and 3 LED lamps to light their houses in Thar Desert area of Pakistan)
  • Feed-a-Family during the month of Ramadan (Close to 500 hundred families provided one-month food packages every year)
  • Revival of Livelihood (Provided Goats or micro loans to destitute families in Thar desert region to revive their livelihood)
  • Hundreds of fruit tree saplings distributed to poor families for plantation

Past Activities in Pakistan (2006 to 2012)

  • RRAI has supported major relief and rehabilitation activities in terms of food aid, shelter, education and rehabilitation during the 2006 earthquake in both Indian and Pakistani parts of Kashmir. Participated in the Relief and rehabilitation of 2006 earthquake victims by providing medical supplies to Shaikh Zayed hospital In Lahore Pakistan and knitting machines to families in Azad Kashmir for revival of livelihood ().
  • Provided shelters, food to 2010 epic floods victims (RRAI has supported relief and rehabilitation activities in terms of food aid, shelter, and rehabilitation during the 2010 epic floods in Pakistan.
  • RRAI has financially supported many philanthropic and charitable organizations on the ground during major calamities such as Katrina and Haiti earthquake.

These relief and rehabilitation activities helped promote a friendly image of the united states among the south East Asian countries particularly Pakistan.
The Relief and Rehab Asia Inc. has and continues to support education initiatives by financially supporting very reliable organization such as Kashmir Education Initiative that provides students in Kashmir a supportive environment that promotes discipline, motivation, achievement and excellence in learning and education.