Relief Work in Kashmir Valley

RRAI supports various types of relief work in Kashmir Valley in partnership with Iqbal Memorial Trust/ Sakhawat Center, long-standing organizations that work as our partners on the ground in Kashmir Valley.

Current Projects:

  • Feed-a-Family during lock-down in Kashmir Valley
  • Revival of Livelihood in Kashmir Valley

Completed Projects:

  • Feed-a-Family since 2012 (100-300 packages/year)
  • Relief and rehabilitation of 2006 earthquake victims
  • Rebuilding of houses for 2014 epic flood victims
  • Micro loans under Revival of Livelihood program for flood victims
  • Treatment of eye injuries for pellet gun victims

Seeking Donations for Feed-a-Family During Lock-down in Kashmir.

Clean Drinking Water Project

In South East Asia including Pakistan 90% of the population in rural areas lacks access to clean drinking water. Under our ongoing Clean Drinking Water Project, RRAI installs small hand water pumps (Cost $250) and large hand water pumps (Cost $600) in the remote villages of Punjab and Sindh in Pakistan. Also, in  hilly areas like Abbottabad and Azad Kashmir RRAI provides means to bring water from distant springs to villages and provide storage tanks. For Sadaqa-e-Jariyah RRAI provides option to have donors name posted on the pump and the pictures of the pump or water schemes are provided to the donor.

Completed Phases 1-7:

  • Installed 700 small and large water pumps (100/Phase) in remote villages of Pakistan including Thar desert. Roughly a quarter of a million people have so far benefited.

Ongoing Phase 8:

  • A target of 100 Pumps. (Seeking Donations)
Relief Work in Pakistan

RRAI in the past has supported various types of relief work in Pakistan and now in partnership with Pravalli Welfare Trust, a long-standing organization that works as our partner on the ground in Pakistan and continues to do so.

Current Projects:

  • Feed-a-Family 2019 Food Packages Program ($100/family/month)
  • Provide education scholarships
  • Revival of Livelihood (Goats to destitute families cost $500/family)
  • Roshan Thar (provide 3 solar lights/family in Thar desert cost $110.00)

Completed Projects:

  • Relief and rehabilitation of 2006 earthquake victims
  • Micro loans under Revival of Livelihood program for flood victims
  • Shelters, food and rehabilitation of 2010 epic floods victims
  • Support destitute families with livelihood by providing goats

Seeking Donations for Current Projects