In 2013 on the insistence of donors the RELIEF AND REHAB ASIA INC. started distribution of food packages to poor and needy families in Pakistan, particularly during the month of Ramadan.

This Ramadan of 2023 we again invite you to support our Feed-a-Family drive. RRAI will provide food packages to 300 families currently living below the poverty line in the remote areas of Kashmir Valley. Through a partnership with the Iqbal Memorial Trust, a long-standing organization and partner working on the ground in Kashmir, we will deliver food packages consisting of essential grocery and household items. Goods have been procured from local vendors with the intention of supporting the local economy. For every $100 you donate, equivalent to $3.33 a day, you can feed one family for an entire month. The details about the package contents are given below. RRAI as always will use 100% of your donation for this cause with zero overhead charges.

We at RRAI are hopeful to receive a wholehearted support like previous year to make this 2023 Feed-a-Family drive successful.


1Flour20 KG
2Cooking Ghee5 KG
3Vermicelli1 Packet
4Sugar5 Kg
5Rice2 KG
6Daal Mash1 KG
7Daal Masoor1 KG
8Daal Channa1 KG
9Channa1 KG
10Besan2 KG
11Lal Lobia1 KG
12Roh Afza800 ML
13Salt1 KG
14Pepper1/2 KG
15Turmeric1/4 KG
16Dhaniya1/4 KG
17Tea1/2 KG
18Surf1 KG
19Match Boxes10 Nos
20Soap (Dishwaser)3 Nos